High Volume Low Pressure Paint Sprayers Classification

HVLP paint sprayers are an integral part of the home painting industry. The need for these types of sprayers is high because they are easy to use and easily refillable for continuous operation. HVLP paint sprayer users can achieve virtually any kind of finish with this type of tool, even complex or intricate patterns. Some also come with interchangeable nozzles, making it possible to achieve various finishes, including metal, marble, ceramic and even wood surfaces. These tools are available in different sizes based on the size and weight limitations of the user’s vehicle or job site.

The paint sprayer is a direct drive centrifugal type containing a water-based solution of the paint sprayed out in a spray fan. As the container fills, paint is drawn from it by a vacuum pump to maintain a constant flow of paint through the spray nozzle. The typical size of an HVLP paint sprayer is from 22 to 33 gallons. 

There are three different types available: 

  • HVLP Gravity Feed Paint Sprayer
  • HVLP Pressure Feed Paint Sprayer
  • HVLP Direct-Drive Paint Sprayer 

 HVLP Gravity Feed Paint Sprayer

The HVLP Gravity Feed Paint Sprayer can be filled manually or by gravity feed using an on/off switch on the side of the container. This type of sprayer is mainly used for small jobs such as repairs, repairs and painting walls. The weight capacity is 8-120 lbs without a cart. It’s better for light-duty tasks such as touchups and primer coats, but it can’t handle complete coverage jobs. The HVLP Gravity Feed Paint Sprayer requires a continuous flow to fill the paint gun and be cleaned even if no paint ever touches it.

HVLP Pressure Feed Paint Sprayer

This type of paint sprayer is ideal for people who like to match their paint color with what is on hand. The user usually has to mix the paint with the additives required for the current materials they try to reach. Therefore, they are not intended for commercial use but for individuals attempting to match existing colors with homemade paint. Several steps are involved in making your paint with this sprayer, but they are simple once you become familiar with them.

HVLP Direct-Drive Paint Sprayer 

The Direct-Drive Paint Sprayer is ideal for painting cars, trucks, golf carts, motorcycles, or anything else with a large surface area. This sprayer is also recommended for users looking to spray indoors because it produces less overspray than other paint sprayers. This type requires an air compressor that delivers at least three horsepower with a minimum pressure rating of 60 PSI and a minimum flow rating of 10 CFM (cubic feet per minute).

Pros of HVLP paint sprayer:

• Easy, fast and affordable to use.

• Can achieve any finish

• Provides professional results on any material

• Can be used on both new and old surfaces. 

• Can be used anywhere; no need for gas or electricity. 

Cons of HVLP paint sprayer:

• Only small-volume applications can be achieved. 

• The paint being sprayed must be diluted. 

• Costly for large projects

• Size and weight of the container increase with use.

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The HVLP paint sprayer is growing in popularity due to its cost-effectiveness and ability to achieve professional results. No longer are they limited to people who need a light touchup, but professionals now use them for high-end finishes on multiple surfaces. Even though they can be costly, their cost is offset by their usefulness in achieving the most challenging characters. They are helpful for minor repairs, touchups and priming surfaces before painting them with another type of paint sprayer.


Q1. How do you clean the paint sprayer?

If you want to clean the paint sprayer, first unplug it. Then open the lid and move it forward and backward to dislodge any paint debris or clumps of dried paint. Allow the lid to sit for two minutes so that any excess water can evaporate before moving it back into position. 

Q2. How do you reset the HVLP paint sprayer?

Open the lid of your HVLP paint sprayer, remove any excess water, close it, plug it in and turn on your machine. Then fill the paint gun with paint and press the switch on the side of the container to turn it on. 

Q3. How do you put the HVLP paint sprayer out of order?

Not using it is the only way to put your HVLP paint sprayer into an “out of order” position. If no water or air is being sent through it, it will not fire and stay in that position until you reset it and use it again. 

Q4. How do you refill HVLP?

Easy! Just fill your container with water, turn off the unit and move it forward and backward for 5 minutes to ensure all excess moisture has evaporated from all parts.