Tips and Troubleshooting for the Wagner Paint Sprayer

The wall spray and the wooden metal attachment are designed for different types of materials. The suction tube needs to be pointed in the right direction depending on the surface that you’re trying to spray. Check your paint dilution it should be the consistency of a single cream that flows freely off a stairing stick. Check the data sheet of the paint materials to see what you should dilute it with if it’s a water-based paint with water. If it’s an oil or solvent based with white spirits or tape and tank the nozzle has notches which each represent 10 dilutions. If your paint sprayer appears to be set up properly but there’s still no paint coming out. There could be a number of reasons for this. If you see or feel that your paint is starting to splutter in any way stop refilling before you carry on. When cleaning a wagner paint sprayer it’s important to make sure your air tube is clean and free from paint. Dry paint can clog the pinhole preventing the paint container from becoming pressurized. Using an unfolded paper clip can help to push the dry paint out of the hole. i’m going to show you how easy it is to replace your air filters on your wagner paint sprayers. An important thing is to make sure that the spray is kept upright so that it’s not tipped back too far or turned upside down.

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