Is Renting a Paint Sprayer at Home Depot Expensive?

When you go to Home Depot, there is a wide variety of paint sprayers available for rent. Many people wonder if it is worth buying one or renting one at the store. There is no clear answer on whether it’s better to purchase or rent your paint sprayer. But there are general guidelines that you can follow when deciding which option might be best for you. The information in this article was researched using the Home Depot online rental policy, the Home Depot customer service FAQ, and my own experience with renting products at Home Depot.

So, Is It Expensive?

According to the website, $9.99 and $19.99 are the starting rental rates for small and large paint sprayers, respectively. The price difference of $10 is pretty significant because it covers an extra paint sprayer size. So, for example, if you were renting a paint sprayer to do your living room wall that is 12′ x 12′. You would have to pay $19.99 ($9.99 for the first time rental plus $10 for the second one). Yet, if you were doing a 2′ x 2′ accent wall, then you would only have to pay $9.99 ($4.95 for first-time rental.) even though it’s technically a bigger job than doing your living room wall. The paint sprayer is much larger than a roller, so it takes longer to cover a smaller area.

Another way that renting a paint sprayer can be more expensive than buying is if you decide not to rent it and repurchase. For example, if you bought a small paint sprayer and then decided not to use it and returned it to Home Depot. Then you would have lost out on $10 from renting instead of buying. The same goes for buying a large-size paint sprayer. If you didn’t rent one and returned it without using either one, then you would have lost out on your total purchase price of both paint sprayers.

How Often or How Little of a Job Is It?

It is one of the most important things to consider. If you like to use your sprayer and do quick jobs, then renting your paint sprayer may indeed be better than buying. The reason for this is that if you decide not to rent it and decide that you need a dust mask and respirator because of the fumes. Then you would have let down the store rental guy. Which would cost Home Depot more money than just renting it the first time and returning it later. So, on more than one occasion, I’ve seen people who had $20 or $30 less in their account for some reason because they weren’t charged on some jobs. But if you decided not to rent and decide to buy, you would have saved that much money. So, in essence, your choice is between renting and buying.

If I decide not to rent the sprayer when I go in for it and take it home with me without renting, what happens when I die? What happens when someone else in the family knows how to use the sprayer and decides to take it home with them? Your loved ones can be charged for using your paint before they’ve paid for it. If indeed they decide to rent the sprayer themselves, then that is the only way someone else in the family can use it for free.

Which Is Better; Paint Sprayer or a Paint Roller?

There is no simple answer to this question. A paint roller can be cheaper and quicker than a paint sprayer, but it takes longer to do the same amount of work. The only time that a paint roller can be better than a paint sprayer is if you want to do a large area or you want to use less paint. If you want to save money by using less paint, then a high-quality roller will put out much more paint per stroke than an average quality sprayer will when doing the same job. A good quality roller will last much longer when compared to a good quality sprayer.

However, a paint sprayer is a quicker and more convenient way to paint a room. A roller will leave paint drippings and less coverage than a sprayer will. It also leaves a more even coat of paint on the walls. It is also much easier to do trim work with a sprayer than it is with a roller. A roller can also bend or break, but a good-quality paint sprayer has a very long life span. Another advantage of renting a sprayer at Home Depot is that you can rent an extra one if you need to (at extra cost), such as doing the inside and outside of your house. If you decide not to rent it and decide that you don’t want a sprayer anymore, you can return it for a refund.

What Size of Paint Sprayer Should I Get?

If you have a small project that requires a small paint sprayer, you will be better off buying the smaller size. The main reason for this is because the paint sprayer will make less noise than the larger sizes. Sizes such as 16, 25, 32, and 40 oz cans are great for jobs such as indoor cabinets, garage doors, and stairs. You can also do light outdoor projects such as patios and decks with these sizes (and save some money if you decide to buy them instead of renting). If you use the sprayer for exterior paint or primer on your house, you will need to rent the larger sizes (32 and up) for your project.

Sizes like 16, 25, 32, and 40 will be too loud for indoor work. So, if you are doing inside or outside work that requires a dust mask or respirator, you won’t need to worry about renting either of those sizes (a person would never rent a size like this anyway). However, if you are doing lighter indoor projects with any of these sizes, it can be worth your while to rent one.

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The best option is to get a paint sprayer and use it for small indoor projects and lighter outdoor projects. For larger projects such as painting your house, you will need to get a larger-sized sprayer (unless you purchase multiple ones). You should also mention here that a paint sprayer is a tool, and just like other power tools, it will break down eventually. So if you have a sprayer that doesn’t work, then you can return it to Home Depot for a refund or exchange it or leave it there and pick up the next best one.